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international federation

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By Roman decree, the International Federation of Pueri Cantores became a moral person on January 25th, 1965. It currently consists of 35 national associations from five continents. In December 2015, choirs from around the world met in Rome for the 40th International Congress of the International Federation of Pueri Cantores. From December 28th to January 1st, 2016, hundreds of children’s voices came together to celebrate masses and to present concerts of liturgical music. (PIMS).


Since the very first international congress of 1947, various countries have opened their doors to Pueri Cantores members from all continents in order to give new life to sacred music. Quebec hosted this event in 1995; 26 choirs from 11 countries participated.

next international congresses

2020: Rome

2019: Florence
2018: Barcelona

2017: Brazil

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