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Census of the use of the works of Joseph-Antonio and Claude Thompson


The Pueri Cantores Canada being the rights holders since 2014 of the complete works of Bishop Claude Thompson and his father, Joseph-Antonio Thompson, we are concerned to disseminate it. To better understand the current situation, we would like to make an inventory of the works most often performed. So that the federation is aware of what is already being done in this direction, we ask you to complete the census form that you find online by clicking on this link: Census There is a written agreement between the members of the Pueri Cantores and between some alumni of the Petits Chanteurs de Trois-Rivières who conduct choirs to use these works without owing royalties to the Pueri Cantores. The federation is keen to maintain this relationship, because we want to stay in the spirit of our founder, which is to make available the pages he wrote for little singers.


We appreciate your responding to this request.

Thank you !

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